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 How to burn 500 calories - Free Calorie Calculator

Easy Ways to Burn 500 Calories

After exercising, you are likely to feel a temporary loss of appetite. However, this appetite may return as your body recognizes that it needs fuel to replace what was burned. You might feel especially hungry after going to the gym for an epic workout that burns 500 calories. Fortunately, this increase in appetite is not necessarily anything to worry about. A regular exercise program actually raises resting energy expenditure, which means that you will burn more calories even between exercise sessions.

Combine diet and exercise

Too little food intake combined with lots of exercise will run you down quickly. As you burn through your food, your body will start eating itself, and it won't just be eating fat. In fact, much of the weight lost during intense diets is lean mass, which makes up not only skeletal muscles, like the biceps, but also internal organs, such as the heart. Of course, a weakened heart is best avoided. Always make sure you are eating enough food as you pursue healthy weight loss.

It's okay to reward yourself with a favorite food after you exercise, but be mindful of the fact that junk food isn't great fuel. Lacking the vitamins and minerals that whole foods contain, junk food will add to the loss of vitamins and minerals that comes with exercise and basic physical functioning, such as sleeping and breathing. Choosing whole, nutritious foods with little or no added sugar will aid fat loss as well as give you what you need to perform at your best.

Calorie-burning goals into multiple sessions

Finding nutritious foods to fuel 500 calories worth of exercise will not be too difficult. By distributing your calorie-burning goals into multiple sessions, you may find it even easier to manage this task. For example, a piece of fresh fruit can be a great way to treat yourself after each of two sessions of burning 250 calories walking for an hour at a moderate pace. The total calories burned will be about 500, and you will feel great because you are also well nourished.

Backpacking walking


You will lose approx

511 kcal

Backstroke swimming


You will lose approx

514 kcal

Cycling cycling


You will lose approx

525 kcal

Unicycling cycling


You will lose approx

560 kcal

Skateboarding sports


You will lose approx

560 kcal

Synchronized Swimming swimming

Synchronized Swimming

You will lose approx

560 kcal

What 500 Calories of 12 Different Foods Looks Like

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