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How to lose 500 grams - FreeCalorieCalculator

Calories to lose 500 grams


To lose 500 grams you need to reduce your calories intake or realize burning-effective exercises. 500 g weight loss can be attained with a simple full-body exercise routine. However, the calories amount you burn through exercise varies, depending on your age, weight, activity intensity and duration.


Add More Protein to Your Life

Protein is a wonder food for people who are trying to trim fat from their bodies. Protein helps us to feel full for longer periods of time than carbohydrates because it is digested at a slower rate. If you need to lose 500 grams, you will need to add protein to your life.

If you have kids, buy treats you don’t like

You can cut down on temptations by purchasing snacks that don’t appeal to you. Buying foods that you aren’t crazy about instead of stocking the cupboards with your favorite treats will make it much easier to stick to your goals.

Remember Moderation

Losing weight should never be about deprivation. It is unwise to make a list of forbidden foods that you can never eat again. You should definitely allow yourself to indulge in treats and junk food every once in awhile. Many people even allow themselves cheat days on weekends.

Time Plans to lose 500 grams

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