Calories to lose 500 grams in a month


How to lose 500 grams in a month

To lose 500 grams in thirty days you need to reduce your net calories by 64 calories every day. Giving yourself about 1 month to lose some weight is a great goal. To help you keep lost weight off for the long term, you need to reduce calories intake from your diet, and burn the other half through exercise. There are a lot of changes that you can make within a month that will result in significant differences not only in your weight, but overall look and health.

Lose weight in a month

Avoid White Foods

Foods made with white ingredients are often the unhealthiest foods. Eating fewer foods containing sugar, salt and flour could help you eliminate unnecessary calories.

Avoid Fast Food

The calories can really add up when you’re selecting your dinner from a menu at a fast food restaurant. Try to avoid fast food unless you’re traveling or are on vacation.

Add More Fiber to Your Diet

Fiber is amazing because it keeps us feeling full and satisfied. Be sure to add beans and grains to your diet that are high in fiber.

Exercise for Five Minutes

Many of us never start exercising because we fear the commitment of spending hours each week at the gym or on the treadmill. While 30 minutes is the minimum amount of activity you should be doing each day, it’s okay to start small and gain confidence by working out for five minutes each day.

Other Time Plans to lose 500 grams