Calories to lose 4 kilos


There is no pill, program or substance that magically causes weight loss. The formula to lose 4 kilos is simple: if you take in fewer calories than you burn, you will lose weight.


Try to Eat at Home

In the early stage of your new diet plan, it’s a good idea to stick to eating meals at home. This strategy will help you have a little bit of control over what you eat while you’re still learning what works for you.

Clean Your Cupboards

You can’t make a fresh start if you still have food from your old lifestyle hanging around the house. Clean out your cupboards and donate food you don’t want to eat to a local food bank.

Stop Eating Fast Food

The calories can really add up when you’re selecting your dinner from a menu at a fast food restaurant. Try to avoid fast food unless you’re traveling or are on vacation.

Time Plans to lose 4 kilos