Calories to lose 2 pounds


How to lose 2 pounds

To be healthy, to transform your body, to feel great, to get fit and lose 2 pounds you gotta weight-loss exercises routine. To lose specifically 2 lb you need to reduce calories intake from your diet, and burn the other half through exercise.



Sometimes we just need to nibble on something. Of course, it can be easy to grab for a pile of chips or a bag of gummy worms when the urge to chew on something strikes. A smarter alternative would be to nibble on something like pumpkin seeds. These healthy, low-calorie snacks will satiate your need to nibble without ruining your diet.

Don’t Start a New Diet When Life Is Tumultuous

The worst time to start a diet is when life is hectic. If you’re in the middle of balancing a whirlwind of chaos at home or at work, throwing a new diet into the mix could leave you exhausted.

Get a Dog

If you want lose 2 pounds, note that having a dog will force you to get up and walk every day. Your four-legged friend will be like a gym buddy that urges you to get up and move.

Time Plans to lose 2 pounds