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How to lose 1 pound - FreeCalorieCalculator

Calories to lose 1 pound


To lose 1 pound you need to reduce your calories intake or realize burning-effective exercises. 1 lb weight loss can be attained with a simple full-body exercise routine. However, the calories amount you burn through exercise varies, depending on your age, weight, activity intensity and duration.


Exercise for Five Minutes

Many of us never start exercising because we fear the commitment of spending hours each week at the gym or on the treadmill. While 30 minutes is the minimum amount of activity you should be doing each day, it’s okay to start small and gain confidence by working out for five minutes each day.

Address Underlying Issues

The reason why you’ve been keeping on extra weight could be an emotional one. Many of us eat to cope with unpleasant feelings. If you want to live a healthier life, take time to ask yourself if your weight could be a result of stress or unresolved emotional issues. You just might find that addressing what caused you to overeat in the first place can help you tackle your new diet with confidence.

Be Honest

Self-deception is one of the biggest problems dieters face. To lose 1 pound, you may find yourself rationalizing certain food choices that you know aren’t really as healthy as you’d like them to be. Many dieters sabotage their efforts because they lie to themselves about how much fat, sugar or carbohydrates foods contain.

Time Plans to lose 1 pound

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