Calories to gain 4 pounds


How to gain 4 pounds

¿Looking for gain 4 pounds? The focus is eating right on right intervals. For example, eat a carb and protein snack within 30 minutes of finishing your strength-training workout. You can include fats, oils, butter, sweets, sugar, jam, and cream, but in healthy amounts and ways.


Say Hello to Soy

Soy is another great alternative to meat. Since soybeans are naturally high in calories, they are ideal for anyone who is trying to bulk up. They are known to be rich in calcium, protein and fiber.

Go for Granola

While there are many sugary cereals that will help you bulk up with help from empty calories, granola offers healthy calories. Granola is a great alternative to traditional breakfast cereals because it is free from refined sugars and artificial coloring.

Drink Whole Milk

Leave behind skim milk or artificial creamers if your goal is to get larger and healthier. While whole milk contains much more fat than skim milk, it only has about 60 more calories per glass. You’ll enjoy the benefits of receiving calcium, vitamin D and protein from a food that is naturally full of healthy fats.