Calories to gain 3 pounds


How to gain 3 pounds

Feeding Your Muscles for Gains. To gain muscle, you'll need an adequate amount of protein on your weight-gain plan. Eat a variety of protein-rich foods to get all the amino acids your muscles need to grow and gain 3 pounds weight soon.


Pack Your Meals Ahead of Time

It can be so tempting to skip a meal when your schedule gets hectic. If you’re serious about putting on pounds, it’s important to be proactive about making sure you get the right number of meals in. You can ensure that you’re never without a snack if you pack food in individual containers that can be taken to work, school or wherever else you’ll be.

Turn to Tuna

Whether you’re a pescetarian or you’re simply looking for a little variety, tuna is a great alternative to meat and poultry. This fish is loaded with healthy fats that can help to build muscle.

Keep Seafood in Mind

Seafood can offer some wonderful protein. If you’re trying to gain weight, you can enjoy shrimp, scallops and lobster sautéed in rich butter sauce as a high-calorie dinner option.