Calories to gain 3 kilos


How to gain 3 kilos

¿Looking for gain 3 kilos? The focus is eating right on right intervals. For example, eat a carb and protein snack within 30 minutes of finishing your strength-training workout. You can include fats, oils, butter, sweets, sugar, jam, and cream, but in healthy amounts and ways.


Turn to Tuna

Whether you’re a pescetarian or you’re simply looking for a little variety, tuna is a great alternative to meat and poultry. This fish is loaded with healthy fats that can help to build muscle.

Choose Creative Fruits

Many people are surprised to learn that fruit can actually cause them to bulk up. The truth is that the high sugar contents in many tropical fruits can lead to some serious weight gain. If you snack on bananas, pineapple, mango and papaya, you can enjoy tons of energy and extra calories.

Add a Slice of Cheese

Cheese is quite high in fat. Adding a wedge of cheese to your plate here and there can help you squeeze in extra calories without a lot of effort. What’s more, cheese is packed with calcium and protein. You may want to skip processed cheeses in favor of fresh cheese if you’re worried about sodium and additives.