Calories to gain 2 pounds


How to gain 2 pounds

To gain 2 pounds weight we recommend you maximize muscle building, eat meat and eat more. If you haven't gained by then, increase your daily calories intake. And use healthy foods for healthy gains.


Put Potatoes on the Table

It’s important to remember that carbohydrates are not necessarily the enemy when it comes to putting on muscle. Potatoes are a great option if you’re looking for carbohydrates that will help you put on weight. This easy-to-prepare staple is loaded with vitamin C and fiber.

Crack Open an Egg

Eggs are one of the most popular foods for athletes and bodybuilders. They are so popular because they are extremely accessible and affordable. In addition, they are full of protein and muscle-building vitamins. Eggs are also full of good cholesterol.

Take more energy than you expend

Some people who are naturally thin tend to have a fast metabolic rate and it is imperative for them to pack in more energy than they expend. Any weight gain diet must include high calorie foods that are nutritious and healthy.