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How to gain 10 pounds - FreeCalorieCalculator

Calories to gain 10 pounds


How to gain 10 pounds

Some people tend to be naturally thin. If you are in this situation and you are looking for gain 10 pounds, it is easy to attain a healthy body weight with the proper diet. One of the simplest tips to gain weight is to ensure that all your meals contain high density foods as this will increase your daily calorie intake which in turn will help you gain weight.


Don’t Forget About Beans

Putting on weight can be difficult for vegetarians. Sometimes you have to be creative when you can’t dig into red meat and chicken. The good news is that beans provide plenty of alternative protein for people who can’t have animal protein. Black beans, kidney beans and other common beans can be added to salads and soups easily.

Eat More Chicken

While lean meats are great, you’ll probably want to add a little variety to your diet. Chicken breast is full of protein that can feed your muscles. You can grill or bake chicken before sprinkling it in a salad or serving it in a wrap.

Never Skip Meals

A hungry body is a shrinking body. If you’re serious about bulking up, skipping a meal is just about the worst thing you can do. There may be days when you simply don’t want to stick to your high-calorie diet. However, it’s important to remain consistent with your eating schedule if you want to stay on track with gaining weight.

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