Calories to gain 1 kilo


How to gain 1 kilo

To gain 1 kilo weight we recommend you maximize muscle building, eat meat and eat more. If you haven't gained by then, increase your daily calories intake. And use healthy foods for healthy gains.


Say Hello to Soy

Soy is another great alternative to meat. Since soybeans are naturally high in calories, they are ideal for anyone who is trying to bulk up. They are known to be rich in calcium, protein and fiber.

Eat More Yogurt

A serving of yogurt offers a healthy and balanced way to add an extra 100 to 200 calories to your diet each day. Yogurt is a great choice because it is rich in calcium and protein.

Treat Yourself to a Bagel

If you’re on the run and you want to grab as many calories as possible, treat yourself to a bagel. Bagels are notorious for being dense in calories. You can add a fair amount of protein to the equation by layering some cream cheese on your bagel.