Calories to gain 1 kilo in a week


How to gain 1 kilo in a week

To gain 1 kilo in seven days you need to increase your net calories by 1,100 every day. You need to make sure that the amount of calories you eat should be more than the amount of calories you burn on the same day.


Focus on Eating 500 Extra Calories

Calories count when you’re trying to bulk up. You should make an effort to count your calories each day. If you take in 500 extra calories each day, you can expect to gain about a pound per week. Upping your calories to 1,000 per day will likely help you gain two pounds per week.

Treat Yourself to a Bagel

If you’re on the run and you want to grab as many calories as possible, treat yourself to a bagel. Bagels are notorious for being dense in calories. You can add a fair amount of protein to the equation by layering some cream cheese on your bagel.

Enjoy Lean Red Meat

Meat is great for bulking up and gain 1 kilo. If you’re looking for a way to build mass, prepare lean options like New York strip or beef tenderloin a few nights a week.

Keep Your Rest Between Sets Short

How you work out is just as important as how often you work out. You can build your muscles more easily by keeping your rest between sets to under a minute long.

Get Enough Sleep

Your body can only work with what you give it. You need to give your muscles the proper amount of rest if you want them to grow. Do everything possible to ensure that you get between eight and nine hours of sleep each night. Only getting six hours or less of sleep each night will reduce the benefits of all the exercise and proper eating you’re doing.