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 Calculate calories burned during a Marathon

Calories Burned during a Marathon

According to researchers, the human body is highly adapted to running and can get done Marathons. In fact, some scientists say that the body is better prepared to run than to walk. Indeed, humans have gluteal muscles that are big, achilles tendons that are long and toes that are short to accommodate Marathon activity.

As a marathoner, you'll burn through lots of energy. Check here your calories burned during Marathon (by distance):

Examples of Marathon by distance

10 km



1 Half Marathon



1 Full Marathon



Tracking your Marathon progress can help you stay motivated

Recording achievements and reflecting back on them can help you maintain motivation to stay on track in any endeavor, including during Marathon. Consider keeping a journal with your Marathon accomplishments, including miles run and calories burned. As you look back on this journal, you may feel inspired to set more goals and work toward them.

Competition exists for runners who want it.

Competition can provide extra motivation for sticking with a Marathon regimen. As running has become more popular, Marathons have also become common around the world. While marathons and half marathons are available as tests of endurance, 5k and 10k runs are available as quicker competitions.

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