1999 Calories

How many calories do i need to maintain weight?

Use this calorie calculator to estimate the calories you need to consume each day to maintain your weight.

The calories needed to maintain your weight equal to the BMR value, multiplied by an activity factor (from sedentary, to extremely active).

How can i maintain my weight with 1999 calories?

Here are some useful tips for not gaining and not losing weight:

Plan Ahead

Being unprepared is one of the top reasons why people make poor food choices. Many people reach for what’s quick and cheap when they’re on the go and hunger hits them. You can save many calories simply by preparing meals ahead of time. Be sure to have snacks and meals ready to go in containers for when you’ll be away from home all day.

Watch Calories


While you shouldn’t live and die by how many calories are in a single food, you should definitely watch your calories on a daily basis. Create a plan for how many calories you can have during breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time. Keeping track of calories will ensure that you don’t get out of control.

Know What Restaurants Offer

If you travel a lot, it’s important to find restaurants you can count on to offer balanced, healthy menu options. Take some time to research menus online. Once you know which restaurants offer good choices, you can find locations to stop at during your travels.

Make Exercise Fun

There’s no reason why you can’t burn calories while you’re hanging out at home. Create a playlist or online music station that features upbeat songs that make you want to move. Whenever you have a few spare minutes, dance around the house or do some moves while you’re tackling housework.

Calculate calories to maintain your weight

The calories needed to maintain your weight equal to the BMR value, multiplied by an activity factor.

Use our calculator to found exactly how many calories are needed per day to reach your specific goal (maintaining your current weight):